Joy Fm Backtracks On John Mahama Angle in Anas Expose After NDC Threatened Court Action

The integrity and image of Multimedia continue to dip after their ace investigator Manasseh Azure had to quickly make a clarification on a story that intended to draw John Mahama into the controversial Anas expose that has ruffled the Presidency of Ghana.

The story which sought to impugned wrong doing on the part of the former president and the NDC was widely condemned by Ghanaians which made the senior reporter issued a clarification to calm tempers after Kofi Adams threatened court action if Joy Fm do not withdraw the story and apologised.

Manasseh Azure Awuni posted on his facebook page below:

The “investors” claim they gave money in the past to government officials. Nyantakyi writes that in his statement to the CID. Now we know they were not investors. They were Tiger PI’s team. They just posed and said what they said to bait Nyantakyi, to get him talking. We know they are fake investors. And what they said to Nyantakyi was fake. So this means they DID NOT give any money to John Mahama or his campaign team.Manasseh JM