Pastors Call For Prayer For Texas Victims of Hurricane Harvey

As Texas sinks and dams threaten to break under the weight of Harvey’s flood damage, pastors and ministry leaders are begging for your prayers.

Prayer for rescuers and the rescued, for homes to deflood quickly and residents to be able to resume their lives comes to mind, but here are some specific requests.

“My wife and daughter just pulled out to try to get to Dallas. Pray for traveling grace and mercy for them.” —Doug Stringer, president of Somebody Cares
“One of our staff members, Alison Gentry, and her family are waiting for waiting for evacuation.” —Jodie Chiricosta, vice president of Somebody Cares
“We also have another staff member trying to get back to Houston from Illinois where he was on a short break before the flooding. He is having a hard time getting back. We need him in Houston to help.” —Jodie Chiricosta, Somebody Cares
“During this storm, pray for endurance, and in the aftermath, pray that our faith is strengthened, because it’s up to Christians to answer these hard questions.” —Don Iloff, Lakewood Church senior communications director
“It’s 1:00 a.m. and we just got 95 more stranded folks. Please pray church. They are so tired and in despair.” —Robert Burdett, Powerhouse Church
“We are in need of two things primarily. 1. Finances 2. Food. The church is now a rescue center and eventually will become a shelter as all high schools are at capacity. The real work is about to begin, rebuilding. Thanks for prayers.” —GK Watkins, Powerhouse Church
“Tuesday morning and Kingwood is flooding. Our neighborhood, Mills Branch, is still safe. Numerous friends in other Kingwood neighborhoods have water in their homes. Parts of Town Center is Flooded. Kingwood High School has water in it. Rescue helicopters flying overhead. We’re still safe but can’t get out of Kingwood. KSBJ is streaming, but both transmitter sites are under water so not broadcasting on the main 89.3 FM signal. All roads into Humble are flooded. That includes the main Highway 59. We hear that for the first time that the main bridge over 59 has been topped. It’s painful to have to be away from the radio station. The broadcaster in me wants to be there, but you just can’t get ANYWHERE safely. Thank you all for your prayers. It is sure appreciated for all of us. We’ll get through this. It’s still raining, but it’s lightening up.” —Sterling Tarrant, Production Director at KSBJ, Houston, TX

“Please pray for endurance and grace. The devastation is heart breaking, we need grace to minister to every need.” —Brandon Sanders, Powerhouse Church
“I pray for the deaf communities of Texas to have easy access to communicate with the hearing world. Keep their frustrations to the minimum, and ask God to meet the needs of the flood victims and the volunteers.” —Douglas Sturgis, submitted
Have a Harvey-related prayer request?

Email with your request, your name and your location and we will pray over it.