Christianity Is Being Attacked By The “Anti-Christ” Media…Trump Will Stay President Until God’s Vision Is Complete – Rev. Franklin Graham

Evangelist Franklin Graham has asserted his belief that Christianity is being attacked and marginalized by “anti-Christ” media, reports The Commercial Appeal. Now, he said, it is time for Christians to stand up and be counted, and to involve themselves in the political process.

“The only hope for our country is God, not the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party,” Graham said in a telephone interview with the USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee. “I wanted to encourage people to pray and vote, to encourage Christians to run for office.”

Graham believes that religious liberty is under siege from the meida, and that Christians need to get behind the government-led campaign for greater religious freedom. “This has been happening across the country,” he said. “It’s increasing. We are going to be attacked. Let’s pray and get Christians involved in politics.”

And what about Trump’s remarkable election victory. Did he have the help of God? “He did everything wrong, offended almost every people group, but I believe he won because of God,” Graham said of Trump. “He wanted him in that position and (Trump’s) going to stay in that position until (God’s) vision is complete.”