18 Mining Companies Haven’t Paid Their Dividends For More Than 10 Years – Council Of Faith

The Council of Faith have called on the Minister of Finance to respond to their findings in the 2014 auditors report which made a damning claim that 18 of the 22 mining companies in Ghana haven’t paid any dividends to government in about 10yrs.

In a Press Conference addressed by their chairman Rev. Dr. Abbeam Danso stated:
” We are very disappointed and shocked to observe that most mining companies operating in Ghana has failed to pay their dividend to the government of Ghana.
According to page 10 of the 2014 Auditor General’s Report on consolidated funds, only four (4) out of twenty-two (22) mining companies have paid their dividends to the government of Ghana over the past ten (10) good years.
We see this as very unfortunate and unacceptable, and we are therefore calling on The Non-tax Revenue Unit (NTRU) and the Public Investment Division (PID) of Ministry of Finance who are responsible for ensuring that the government share in these mining companies to tell us why these monies haven’t been paid by these companies”.
They therefore charged the government to let Ghanaians know why those mining companies defaulted in paying their dicidents
“We need an urgent response from the Finance Minister regarding this issue within two weeks from the date of this press statement”

CW Senior Reporter: Emmanuel