Our Celebrities Are Dying…Motivational Speakers Add to the Pressures That Leads To Suicides – Rev. Dr. Abbeam Danso

Rev. Dr. Abbeam Ampomah Danso - Chairman, Council of Faith

The Chairman of the Council of Faith, and the Chancellor of Abbeam Institute of Technology, Rev Dr Abbeam Ampomah Danso has expressed worry and disappointment over the numerous deaths and suicides recorded in Ghana in recent times.
He attributed these issues to the over ambitions and expectations of the youth as well as pressures from the society.
He said there seems to be unreasonable pressure on celebrities and other public figures from the society which forces many of them into living a life they can’t afford to manage.
He also apportioned part of the blames to so called motivational speakers who in his view raise the hopes of the young ones without making them face the reality of life.
He went on to say that suffering is part of human life, and it is very bad to let people think it is a abomination to experience it.
“Most of these Pastors and Motivational speakers make the youth think it is a curse or abomination to go through trials and difficulties in life. So when the reality hits them, they then see themselves as failures and thereby decide to end it all.”
He therefore adviced motivational speakers to be very professional and realistic when they stand behind the pulpit.
He also challenged all clergy especially those who have shifted their focus from preaching and tending for the sheep to pursuing their personal ambitions to repent and focus on their core mandate, which is caring for the congregation.
He further urged the government to put in measures to control the abuse of social media in the country.

CW Senior Reporter: Emmanuel