Dr. Josh Ofori Faults Our Educational System For Producing Graduates Without Capacity To Develop Africa

Dr. Josh Ofori

The General overseer of Rest House Chapel and the CEO of Mandate Institute, Dr Joshua Ofori has expressed worry and disappointment in our educational system.
On his Facebook page, the famous preacher and conference speaker said Africans are deliberately creating a looming disaster with so much comfort.

“Though I have smiles on my face I still frown at the
looming disaster we are deliberately creating with so much comfort.
One preacher said it is madness to repeat things even
when the result remains the same.
Can Africa ask this billion dollar question; ARE WE
Pretty soon the universities will be dishing out another
pile of well decorated paper to young folks who will hit
the streets of our major towns looking for jobs which might have been created by people without the magnitude of certificates they carry.
Let’s begin to kill this epidemic before it gets blown out of its present proportion.

Let teach the next generation to create since most of what was created by the ‘uncertificated’ has been
exhausted. God stopped creation on day 6 because he created a creator. You are the creature meant to continue creation. Engage the mind, Get Creative now”.

CW Senior Reporter: Emmanuel