Involve The Military In Fighting Armed Robbery – Ghana Charismatic Bishops Conference

The Charismatic Bishops’ Conference has  called on the National Security to involve the military in the fight against armed robbery in the country.
The Bishops expressed worry over the increasing rate of crime especially armed robbery in the country And therefore their call for military intervention to headline the fight against it.
“There is no region in Ghana that is safe from armed robbery. Students in universities cannot walk freely on campuses.  Student hostels etc are  regularly under  attacked.”
“What is the use of an army if people do not feel safe in their own country? Why are we maintaining such an institution with tax payers money if it is not benefiting the nation?” – they queried.
“Let us be practical! It is not just the duty of the police. It is the duty of all Ghanaians including the Army, the Air Force and the Navy to ensure that Ghana is a safe place again. As other nations become unstable, all sorts of people will migrate to Ghana to find stability so we can never tell who is coming next. Be real! Be practical! If the government really cares about Ghana, it should deploy the Forces to make Ghana a safe place again,” the added