Witches Meet To Cast Spell On Trump And His Supporters…Launch Facebook Page To Promote the Event

Witches will be out protesting President Donald Trump on Friday night the best way they know how – magic!

Men and women from around the world are planning to gather and cast a spell at midnight that will stop President Trump from doing harm while also possibly banishing him from office.

Mass rituals have also been planned in multiple covens, during which men and women will perform a spell to bind President Trump and all those who abet him by delivering a chant and holding a brief ceremony.

This is not an exclusive witches-only event wither, with Wiccans, shamans, Heremeticists, cunning folk, sorcerers and sorceresses, hoodooists, occultists, magicians, Ceremonialists and Ritualists also invited and urged to take part.

The mass binding could not be easier either, with only a handful of household objects needed for the ceremony and the newly composed chant available online for all to see.

President Trump, who has long been a strong and vocal proponent of ‘witch hunts,’ has yet to comment on the planned ritual.

Among the objects required to complete this spell are an unflattering photo of Trump, a tiny orange candle, a Tower tarot card and bowls of water and salt.
There must also be a pin, which is used to carve Trump’s name on the candle.
Once that first step is complete, the aforementioned items should be arranged around the individual in a pleasing position along with a feather, a white candle and an ashtray or dish filled with sand.
From there, a prayer for protection should be said by all participants before they launch into the chant.

into the chant, which was allegedly created by a member of a private magical order.
In one refrain, the witches must chant: ‘I call upon you / To bind / Donald J. Trump / So that he may fail utterly / That he may do no harm/To any human soul.’
The second verse tackles a different issues, with the lines: ‘Bind him so that he shall not break our polity / Usurp our liberty / Or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair.’
President Trump’s supporters are also wrapped into the chant.
‘Bind them in chains / Bind their tongues / Bind their works / Bind their wickedness,’ sing the women and men, who at this point are told to take the orange candle and light President Trump’s photo on fire.
To close things out the phrase ‘So mote it be!’ is repeated three times and the candle blown out.
It is important that while blowing out the person is ‘visualizing Trump blowing apart into dust or ash.’
Witches are then ordered to ground themselves after the ritual before disposing of the candle.
This will be just the first of the monthly rituals too, with one scheduled to take place every Friday of the crescent moon until President Trump is out of office.
And while the Witches’ March may not have the A-list starpower of the Women’s March last month, there is one big name who will be joining in on the magic – Lana del Ray.
The ethereal chanteuse posted a photo on her Twitter account listing the planned dates for the mass binding spell along with where the find the details to participate in the fun from the comfort of your own altar at home.
Some witches are growing concerned however as the event draws near, and taking issue with whether or not the binding spell is appropriate because they do not believe it comes from a place of love.

Hear me, oh spirits / Of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air / Heavenly hosts / Demons of the infernal realms / And spirits of the ancestors

I call upon youTo bind / Donald J. Trump / So that he may fail utterly / That he may do no harm / To any human soul / Nor any tree / Animal / Rock / Stream / or Sea

Bind him so that he shall not break our polity / Usurp our liberty / Or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair / And bind, too, / All those who enable his wickedness / And those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies

I beseech thee, spirits, bind all of them / As with chains of iron / Bind their malicious tongues / Strike down their towers of vanity

(Invert Tower tarot card)

I beseech thee in my name(Say your full name) / In the name of all who walk / Crawl, swim, or fly / Of all the trees, the forests, / Streams, deserts, / Rivers and seas / In the name of Justice / And Liberty / And Love / And Equality / And Peace

Bind them in chains / Bind their tongues / Bind their works / Bind their wickedness

So mote it be!

So mote it be!

So mote it be!

One woman wrote on the Mass Spell to Bind Facebook page that ‘the spell can, and should rebound on everyone participating. ‘
That woman went on to say that she had been practicing the religion for 45 years before telling her fellow witches they were ‘wrong’ to be contemplating the spell and should focus on love.
The person managing the site quickly responded and attempted to reassure the woman, saying: ‘It’s a binding spell against harm. This protection extends even to Trump and his administration.’
That person then added: ‘Of course there is the threefold law, and three times non-harm seems mighty fine. Intentions remain positive thus any rebound energy will reflect the same.’
This response was not enough to convince one witch, who wrote: ‘The spell is asking for the President of the United States to fail at all he does. It is attempting to cause harm in him and therefore our entire country. The spell will backfire on all who participate. Can’t wait to hear what happens to you all.’
And another woman called out the individual managing the site for her comments about the ‘three fold law.’
That woman wrote: ‘Also the three fold law is a Wiccan ideology and not every witch is Wiccan. I am a non-Wiccan witch and I don’t believe in the threefold law.’
The Facebook page also showed that there were a number of witches who were concerned about the number of fairweather members of the faith they had seen showing their support for the ritual.
In a post on Medium, self-described occult enthusiast Casey Evans also pointed out that there was more fun to be had after the ritual, noting: ‘And immediately following the binding, it will be, in any time zone, an Hour of Mars. At 12:04 AM, cusping from the Hour of Saturn just before, both are great for curses, and calling forth the elements and spirits of the Underworld.’
President Trump has yet to comment on the mass binding spell.

Source: dailymail.co.uk