John Mahama Cautions NPP: The Attacks On NDC Functionaries And Supporters Must End

The former president His Excellency John Dramani Mahamah has expressed disappointment at the ongoing attacks on some members of his party by the ruling NPP government.

On his Facebook page, the former president described the attacks as needless and calls for an end to it.

“The unprovoked attacks on NDC functionaries and supporters are needless and must end. Yesterday the National Organiser of the NDC’s residence was invaded by security men from the seat of Government, the Flagstaff House in his absence, in search of vehicles when they knew very well they were on the wrong path. This must end.”

Mr. Adams the national organizer of the NDC  told that he is currently out of the country and was informed by his brother who was in the house at the time of the ransacking. He said he is yet to lodge a complaint with the police. “About 15 soldiers and some other NPP guys including Nana Akufo Addo’s bodyguards went to go and collect my vehicles and using the back of their guns to hit my guy at the house.

“They went with DVLA officials who checked and made it clear to them that the vehicles are genuinely registered in my name… I’m told they still went away with the vehicles.

I’ve asked the boy to go and report to the police station” Mr. Adams said in an interview with TV3’s Komla Klutse. A quick check with the brother of Mr. Adams who was home at the time of the incident, confirmed part of the story.

Nana Adams, brother of Kofi Adams told Komla Klutse that “when they came in, they asked for the documents of the vehicles and said they were coming from National Security. I told them I do not have access to the documents of the cars. “They came with some guys who claimed to be DVLA officials.

They were military guys and when they entered the house they said they wanted to check the chassis number of the cars so I should come along with the keys of car. “I told them I can’t do that but they insisted that they only wanted to check the chassis number of the cars so I obliged. So when I entered the room to pick the key, not knowing, one guy followed me with a gun and saw where the keys were kept and took all the keys to the vehicles.”

He said they drove away all the 5 cars (2 Toyota Lancruisers, and 3 Nissan Hardbodies) parked in the house but said he was not assaulted or physically attacked during the process which is contrary to what Mr. Adams said. “I wasn’t hurt in the process, I wasn’t hurt. They took Toyota Landcruisers 2 and Nissan Hardbody 3.”

This recurring development which has been condemned in times past seems to be raring its head in our governance again. It would be recalled that when the first NPP government under former President Kufour took power after Jerry Rawlings, similar incidents were reported.

This ugly canker recurred when there was a change in government again with the NDC taken over from the NPP after the 2008 elections. After several condemnations the incident seems to be happening again several years down the line where alleged political opponents ransack homes of persons who have just left government in what has become known as “Rambo style” attacks.

CW Senior Reporter: Emmanuel with Additional files from