Grace Bible Church Erred In Their Position On Bishop Dag’s Preaching On Homosexuality And Must Apologize To Him – Editorial

Left: Bishop Dag Right: Bishop Mosa Sono, Grace Bible Church

A Church is supposed to be The Ground And Pillar of the truth as stated in 1 Tim. 3:15. But for Grace Bible Church it seems it prefers to be a center of compromise and cowardice.

The Church decided to publicly deny the very truth that the Bible enjoins it to preach. They prefer to be accepted by the people than by God.

That might have been the reason why they came out in a shameful interview disassociating themselves from Bishop Dag Heward Mill’s preaching against homosexuality.

To claim that there are different perspective on homosexuality is a blatant heresy, the Bible doesn’t have different perspectives it has only one and that is that it is an abomination.

In an interviewing on TV Rev. Ezekiel Mathole who happens to be the spokesperson of the church said the church welcomes open discussion and honest debate, sorry Reverend there is no open discussion or honest debate about homosexuality, it is a sin against God just as all other sins the Bible speaks about.

To say Bishop Mills’ preaching is his view is very unfortunate, did he not quote what is written in the Bible, he was not giving his personal opinion he was speaking the truth according to the Bible. If preaching from the bible is his view what is your church’s view? That homosexuality is good?

Grace Bible Church has betrayed the instructions of the Bible and seems it is interested in pleasing men than God. It is a sad reflection of the church of Jesus Christ.

The danger in all these is that the world is now going to decide what we can preach and what we cannot preach. That must not happen and we must celebrate the courage and boldness of Bishop Heward Mills.

The Church has erred in their attempt to disassociate themselves from Bishops preaching and must apologize to him or take the Bible out of their name.