Yahya Jammeh Did Not Break Any Law – Kwesi Pratt

Mr. Kwesi Pratt the managing editor of the insight newspaper has criticized Ecowas for bullying the former dictator of Gambia Yahya Jammeh into exile.

Mr. Pratt speaking on Radio Gold’s Political program Alhaji and Alhaji on the 21st January 2017 he said by the electoral laws of Gambia and by any electoral standard anywhere what happened in Gambia was a sham and not a proper electoral process.

He alleged that people openly displayed their electoral choices at the voting centers in The Gambia which is against the internationally recognized means of choosing presidents.

He asked whether Ecowas would have entered Nigeria if what happened in Gambia had happened there?

He said by Gambia’s own constitution it is the Supreme Court that validates elections so his calling on Ecowas to assist with judges to adjudicate on the electoral crisis was in the right direction.

Even though he condemned Jammeh’s autocratic and dictatorial approach to governance he believe Ecowas faulted in the manner they chose to remove him from power.

CW Political Reporter