Trump Will Be Assassinated If….! – Kwesi Pratt

A senior journalist, political commentator and the editor of the Insight Newspaper has suggested that Donald Trump will be assassinated if he doesn’t toe the line the political establishment in America wants.

Speaking on Radio Golds Political discussion Alhaji and Alhaji on 21st of January a day after Trumps Inauguration He described the doctrine of the political establishment as the US imperialism, which he believes promotes war and kills innocent people.

Whiles condemning Trump for his stand against China and other global issues he believes Trump is much different from the political establishment and believes with time he will fall in line or stand the risk of assassination.

“I can say emphatically that if he continues the direction he’s going with his positions on issues which are fundamentally different from what the political establishment are used to, by hook or crook more by  crook they will remove him either by impeachment or assassination”

CW Political Reporter