Demon called “Cynthia” Doubles Money For Some Pastors And Ritualists – Former Head Of Occultism Ev. Zigah

The saved soul and born again Michael Zigah, a native of the Volta Region who out of poverty joined occultism in 2004 at age 19 for temporary wealth and the only survival of nine who were all involved in the act has stated categorically on the TIG Show on Hitz fm with Franky5 that pastors and ritualists who display or perform money rituals in public are fake.

According to the evangelist, those things are done secretly and privately and that he knows most of the pastors who practice occultism but failed to mention their names for obvious reason.

He further stated there is a particular spirit called ‘Cynthia’ that produces money for these pastors and ritualists but on a condition that you complete the process with blood. He claimed he knows for a fact that all those pastors are not real especially those who promise to give people double of the amount they request from them.

The Host of TIG Frank and Ev. Zigah
The Host of TIG Frank and Ev. Zigah

“There is no ritualists in Ghana who doesn’t know me. Their president in Ghana is my son whom I trained.” He further noted.

“I will go for any money at all any pastor has defrauded you”. He assured the listeners.

He also mentioned that most of these pastors who intervened for other people in prayer don’t pray themselves. They are just lazy to pray and that doesn’t make them real pastors.

He however challenged any pastor who thinks he is not telling the truth to come out.

He admonished all the youth to work hard and hope for the right time to excel in life rather than to be involved in demonic things to make money just like the ordeal he went through until the Lord saved him.

He touched on peer pressure and ladies who always find themselves in different private cars to desist from that since most of the men are occults